LND-UME by DRLY by Dearly Beloved for JohannaN

01. Ring
02. Bracelet
03. Necklace (Triangle)
04. Necklace (Square)

The Collaborative Debut

LND-UME (for Lund - Umeå) is not only Dearly Beloved's first collaborating project but also the first glimpse of what is the new sublabel/offspring DRLY by Dearly Beloved. The collection, made for the swedish jewellery label JohannaN, consist of four pieces all made in sand polished brass and reflects both Dearly Beloved's punk inspired abstract design and the craftman-/artisanship of JohannaN. LND-UME will be sold during winter 2010/2011 via selected retailers, Dearly Beloved Online Store [SE] and JohannaN.com.


Circuitry by A.R.T. by Dearly Beloved

01. No. 1 (18 hand numbered)
02. No. 2 (19 hand numbered)
03. No. 3 (18 hand numbered)
04. No. 4 (17 hand numbered)
05. No. 5 (19 hand numbered)
06. No. 6 (18 hand numbered)

The State Of A New Path

During fall 2010 Dearly Beloved states a brand new path for the labels upcoming decade with the release of Circuitry - a path of free creative output regardless of forms and/or fashion laws. The serie, released under the A.R.T. by Dearly Beloved allonym, contains six screen printed, limited and hand numbered visual compositions on a high strength A3 cut-sized 380 gsm paper. Circuitry will be sold and displayed via selected retailers and Dearly Beloved Online Store [SE].

Displayed At

Plezuro, Stockholm

2010/10/14 - 2010/10/29


Tjallamalla, Malmö

2010/10/30 - 2010/11/27